In my mind, I do not have a disability, however, society has placed a label on me, and many others, who were born with challenges. We all have challenges. Some are more pronounced than others, and I will go further to say that if you don’t have a challenge, you aren’t living the best life that you can live. All human beings need challenges in order to grow and be better. I will show you how to leverage challenges to make your life or business the best it can be.

Challenge yourself


The human mind and body are miraculous, in a sense that there is no limit to what one person can achieve. However, we won't know this unless we challenge ourselves to do something greater than ourselves. Michael has proven that when you believe that you can accomplish anything that you grow into a better person.

Challenge yourself


Most people have limiting belief systems, which as a result often put people in positions in life where they are unhappy. We need to help them recondition their mind to believe that they can be great. Michael has proven methods on how you can motivate others to live better lives.

Challenge yourself


Some firms fail to provide excellent customer services, by offering an environment where all people, including people with physical challenges, can shop and work. Michael has a course teaching owners how to improve their business so that they can see better sales and more smiling faces.



  • Learn how to leverage challenges to make you more successful in life.
  • Find out how to motivate people to perform better in the workplace.
  • Discover how to accommodate people with challenges and see more profits.
  • Hear Michael’s story on how he defied all the odds.
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