Meet Motivational Keynote Speaker Michael D. Haines

Michael helps owners, managers and their teams see the world from a totally different perspective. He shows them how to connect more meaningfully with an ever-growing demographic.

Are You Ready to be Inspired By Michael’s Message?

Michael’s powerful and poignant message needs to be heard and understood by management and staff. His “Spirit of Service” talk that he has delivered to Banks, Restaurants, Hotels and Pub employees, managers and owners has been a huge hit. Michael’s warmth, charm and sense of humor allows him to really connect with his audience. It’s a message you’ll want everyone in your organization to hear and implement into your service as soon as possible.

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Lunch & Learn?

Did you know that one if not all of your staff has the potential to lose your business 150 future customers? And they can do it in just one interaction with a customer. What’s amazing is it would be simple to prevent it from ever happening. Michael’s Lunch and Learn talk enlightens you and your staff as to how it happens throughout your industry and how they can take control of the situation. Armed with their new knowledge, your staff can make your business stand apart and above your competition. Note: The Lunch & Learn can be delivered at any time of day.

Extra charge, for travel and expenses.

Keynote Address

The Keynote Address will be a highly informative and entertaining 90 minutes that will have your company’s eyes and hearts open to a growing number of future customers. Establishing your organization as the place to be, the place to go, and a place to refer others to return to.

With a Keynote Address, this will move you one more step along the road toward those standards we all strive to achieve, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR ALL.

Extra charge, for travel and expenses.

Staff Talk?

This is where it all began for Mike. Long ago, when he was just getting started as a speaker, he went into a pub in Calgary, and gave a talk much the same as he will give to the staff now. The only difference is now it will be polished and professional. This is a fast paced, no holds barred, forty five minute session that the staff will be talking about long after.

Extra charge, for travel and expenses.

Note: If you will be planning on hiring a speaker with my unique capabilities, I would be honoured to serve you. One of my requests is that you and I connect through my email to discuss mutually beneficial date I look forward to talking to you real soon. Enjoy your day.

Please note: When booking Michael please confirm with a second email to

A letter from Michael

My name is Michael D. Haines from I want to make you aware of what I have to offer, and the benefits I have to bring to any business owner that deals with People. These are some statistics directly from the government of Canada and the United States about people with disabilities and how this segment might impact the bottom line of a lot of businesses in your area.

According to Employment and Social Development Canada, about 3.8 million Canadians (13.7%) reported having a disability in 2012. The percentage of people living with disabilities increases with age, with more than one-quarter of the population (26.3%) reporting disabilities at 65 years of age. As the Canadian population ages, those numbers will only continue to increase. Our friends south of the border are having a similar problem only on a much bigger scale given their population. The U.S. Census Bureau said, about 19 percent of the American population – some 56.7 million people – reported having a disability in 2010. Based on a broad definition of disability, more than half of them reported their disability was severe. With the onset of more and more debilitating challenges facing society, why not have your staff trained to give these people the service they so richly deserve.

The Michael D. Haines training program helps organizations like yours develop their corporate awareness of how best to serve their clients within this growing population.

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